• Otis


    American Staffordshire Terrier

    At 10 years old, Otis is the most senior critter at Dundo Farms. His favorite pastimes include laying in the sun, laying in one of two very specific spots on the couch, digging for roots (aka "ground sticks"), and going on car rides. Prepare to fall in love instantly when he thunks his giant noggin into your lap and stares up at you begging for head scritches.

  • Opie



    Opie is a high-strung individual with an extreme need for control. He is a herding dog at heart and a friend to all, though his boisterous bark and harsh tone will leave you thinking he might just be a psycho. In the quiet moments, it's hard to stay mad at his cute little foxy face.

  • Maggie


    Breed Unknown

    Maggie was adopted from the streets as a repeat stray, and she is a true survivor. She hunts wildlife and eats garbage, and she is highly attuned to the desires of her human companions. She is also a strict enforcer of rules amongst the other dogs. Knowing that Otis gets in trouble for jump the fence, Maggie will chase and tackle him if she sees him contemplating an escape.

  • Sammie


    Breed Unknown

    Sammich aka Sammie aka Sammie Bones aka Sammēcha aka Sammie Three Squares is the Quarantine Baby of the family. She joined the family after being picked up as a stray on the last day before lockdowns began in March 2020, so she has never known a world where Mom and Dad had to (gasp, the horror) leave for work every day. Sammie's spends her days snoozing behind Mom's butt in her office chair while she works from home.

  • Clementine


    Miniature Pot-bellied Pig

    Clementine is a 5-year-old minipig who moved to Dundo Farms from her previous home in Mt. Airy, NC. She was apprehensive of the change at first, but she is quickly getting comfortable and letting her sassy personality shine. She is whipsmart and taking to clicker-training like a champ. Her favorite activity is to carry all of her grazing hay into her house by the mouthful to use it as extra bedding.

  • 2021 Hens


    2021 Generation (Theme: Cheeses)

    We purchased our very first batch of baby chicks from Little Birdie Hatchery in Wake Forest, NC in April 2021. As beginners, we chose to start with Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Easter Eggers. When we saw the tub of straight run white Silkies, we couldn't resist grabbing a pair just for fun. The birds from this generation are all named after cheeses. We try our best to "love our flock, not individual birds," but there are a few standouts who won our hearts as they were growing out in our guest bathtub.

  • Feta


    Silkie Rooster

    Mrs. Dundo was convinced that Feta would be a rooster as soon as we brought the Silkies home. He was noticeably noisier and bossier than his flockmates, and he was always the last to be caught whenever we needed to move the group. He grew up to be a very handsome, attentive roo who is protective of his hens, and he always wins his frequent crow-offs with the neighbor's cock.

  • Mozzeralla


    Silkie Hen

    Mozz is our only Silkie hen and has a special place in our hearts here at Dundo Farms. Her tiny eggs are adorable next to her sisters' larger output, and she always chooses to lay in the weirdest spots on the coop floor. She goes broody pretty often, and we think she'll make a great mom one of these days! She's very focused on her hygeine and can frequently be found dust bathing. Her fluffy head and feet get hilariously muddy in the rain, but she's always back to her bright, clean whites on the next dry day.

  • Parmesan


    Buff Orpington

    "Little Parm" is the smallest of the Buff Orpingtons in the flock and fairly low in the pecking order. She was always the easiest to catch as a baby chick, and as a result she bonded with Mom more than her sisters back the bathtub days. As a pullet she would perch on Mom's shoulder, and she's one of our friendliest hens and most willing to be held.

  • Gorgonzola


    Easter Egger

    We noticed early on that one of the Easter Eggers had predominanly black coloring compared to her more golden sisters, and she seemed to always hang out in a corner of the bathtub by herself. We dubbed her the "loner goth" of the group and named her Gorgonzola, the most goth name of the blue cheeses. Even as an adult, she can usually be found eating and foraging on her own away from the group and is often the last to roost for the night.

  • 2022 Chicks


    2022 Generation (Theme: TBD)

    We picked up our second batch of baby chicks at Pittsboro Feed in February 2022. Looking to increase the diversity of the flock, we added: Salmon Faverolles, Gold Wyandottes, Partridge Rocks, Blue Australorps, and Blue Stars. This time around we have a brooder set up in nursery section of the coop where they will grow up in close proximity to their cheesy aunts. Their naming scheme is pending.